What We Mean When We Say, “Full-Service”

An overview of Arrive's comprehensive service approach to starting and running your circular business.

Incredible global brands choose Arrive for our comprehensive full-service offering. From planning to implementation to account management thereafter, we take pride in our ability to guide our partners as they execute on a revenue-generating circular model at the heart of their business. Afterall, adding a resale and/or rental channel is an entirely new initiative for the traditional retail industry. With this in mind, the Arrive team has a carefully crafted process allowing large brands to launch quickly while being strategic and thoughtful in their approach. In this post, we would like to shed a brighter light on what we mean when we say, “full-service”.

Exploring The Opportunity

Implementing a circular model with an external partner can feel overwhelming, so Arrive has pre-built tools to help brands navigate internal planning with stakeholders and key decision makers. Within our first set of exploratory meetings with your brand, we provide an overview of the total market opportunity, along with specific brand opportunities based on a custom-built financial modeling analysis. We offer high-level merchandising assistance and advice on feeding your rental and resale channel with product that makes the most sense.

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Dedicated Channel Account Management

Our brand partners excel with confidence knowing that Arrive equips them with a proactive Account Manager from our growth team that’s dedicated to their success. Whether your brand is focused on generating more revenue, winning new or retaining existing customers, or advancing sustainability initiatives, your Arrive Account Manager will work alongside you from the very start of the partnership to help define, track, and optimize towards your specific goals. They do this by carefully measuring circular channel performance and providing recommendations on merchandising assortment, user experience, creative marketing campaigns, and new circular service offerings.

Best-In-Class Reverse Logistics and Operations

We work hand-in-hand with our partners to build out their circular product assortment based on your internal data combined with our experience around rental and resale products. Once we align around a merchandising plan, your team ships us the products. While you maintain ownership, Arrive manages all product warehousing, inventory, cleaning, maintenance, product-grading, turnaround, custom packaging, shipments, returns, and product end-of-life (resale, donation, recycle, disposal, or return). Not only do we take all of the reverse logistics and operations off your team’s plate, we do it with a 99% efficiency rate of orders being on-time to your customers.

Technology for Ecommerce Integration

Our full service platform means the lift from your engineering team is measured in a matter of hours, not weeks. Arrive designs, develops, delivers, and manages your branded circular subdomain. We manage all of the product information and assets in order to surface on your circular experience. Arrive facilitates payment with your customers using a secure financially compliant gateway. All post-transaction emails are designed in collaboration with your team, and fully developed by Arrive. As a tool to aid your team and dedicated Arrive Account Manager, we will custom-build a customer and order analytics dashboard surfacing key data in real-time. Should any concerns or critical errors arise, the Arrive technical team is on it with 24/7 support.

11-Star Customer Service

While rental and resale channels are innovative and exciting for customers because they are new and offer tremendous benefits, brands cannot rely on this offering alone to keep customers coming back for more. They must make the customer experience world-class and this is exactly what Arrive facilitates via North American-based phone, chat, and email support that’s branded as the brand or retailer. Our trained Customer Experience Team acts as experience planners, product guides, and helps customers gain confidence. Arrive has the capability to scale with partners as your circular channel grows over time. Our Experience Team also sends out post-transaction surveys in an effort to evaluate and optimize the customer experience.

Transform your returns into revenue, build customer loyalty, and promote sustainability with Arrive's brand-certified resale infrastructure, Returns to Recommerce™.

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Transform your returns into revenue, build customer loyalty, and promote sustainability with Arrive's brand-certified resale infrastructure, Returns to Recommerce™.

© The Arrive Platform 2023.

All rights reserved. | Privacy