Introducing Arrive & Loop Partnership

Loop merchants can now route their returns to Arrive to drive revenue with a brand-certified resale storefront.

Arrive makes it really easy for brands to resell returns that come back to their warehouse in less than perfect condition. And now, we’ve partnered with Loop to make it even easier. Loop is the #1 returns solution for more than 1,800 Shopify brands helping them increase customer loyalty, retain more revenue, and lower unnecessary costs by automating their returns process. They do this by enabling brands to transform returns into exchanges. Over the last five years, brands like Chubbies, Allbirds, and Princess Polly have retained more than $700 million in revenue.

Merchants using Loop as their returns solution now have access to The Arrive Platform enabling them to refurbish and resell returned products through a fully-branded resale channel. Arrive fully manages the operations, technology, and customer service for resale. Arrive allows merchants to resell returns that would have otherwise been destroyed, donated, or recycled; an initiative that’s good for business, and the environment. 

With Loop and Arrive, merchants can retain additional revenue while driving new customer segments – all while maintaining their brand equity. Getting started is easy: merchants can automatically route certain returns, based on condition or product type, directly to Arrive. This connection saves merchants money on shipping costs, and removes a point of manual inspection.

Here’s how it works 👇

1. Customer initiates a return

A customer easily submits their return through the merchant’s branded Loop portal and ships their item using one of their convenient return methods. There is no change to the existing customer experience.

2. Selected products are routed to Arrive

Non-new products or product categories can either be received and sorted in a merchant warehouse or 3PL before being sent to Arrive, or can be automatically routed to Arrive based on conditions set in the merchant’s Loop portal.

3. Arrive identifies, refurbishes and grades products to their highest earning potential

Products are cleaned and graded using a merchant-approved condition guide and price matrix to ensure products sell for the highest price.

4. Arrive lists products on the merchant’s fully-branded resale storefront

Arrive builds a secondary storefront to resell products and uses the merchant’s Shopify product catalog feed to populate images and descriptions. 

The Arrive x Loop integration is available for merchants today. Learn more on how to get started.

Transform your returns into revenue, build customer loyalty, and promote sustainability with Arrive's brand-certified resale infrastructure, Returns to Recommerce™.

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