Arrive Expands into Resale, Offering a Fully-Circular Model for Brands & Retailers

Arrive’s resale expansion means that brands or retailers across nearly all product categories can now launch a fully-circular model directly within their existing e-commerce experience.

January 31, 2022 – Santa Monica, CA – Arrive today announced that they have expanded their existing enterprise rental platform to include resale, making Arrive the first company in the United States to offer a fully-circular B2B e-commerce solution for brands and retailers. With The Arrive Platform, Arrive builds and manages the circular commerce experience design and technical infrastructure, takes on all rental and resale inventory management, and offers a fully-branded customer support experience.

Arrive’s expansion into resale comes at a time when the market is exploding – the re-commerce market, including rental, resale and subscriptions, is expected to double by 2024 according to industry analysis leader, Cowen.

While most resale platforms are focused on a customer take-back model as their core driver, Arrive’s primary focus is turning the major returns problem that retailers and brands face into a revenue-driving channel.

“We know that roughly 25% of e-commerce orders are returned and there are a significant percentage of those returns that cannot be resold full–price. Instead, these returns are often sent to off-price retailers, brand outlets, or even destroyed,” says Rachelle Snyder, Arrive CEO and Co-Founder. “Our model accepts these rejected returns where we refurbish, clean and grade them to be resold directly on a branded resale e-commerce site – ultimately turning a cost center into a profit center for our partners.”

Similar to how financing options like Affirm and Klarna have proliferated e-commerce product pages, Arrive has a simple e-commerce resale and rental integration that enables a brand’s customers to buy products that can no longer be sold at full price or rent premium products. The Arrive Platform ultimately allows any brand to enter this new age of retail and meet their consumer’s demands in the market.

The company’s direct-to-consumer e-commerce site, Arrive Outdoors, originally captured the attention of the industry and was named the 4th Most Innovative Travel Company by Fast Company in 2020 and 2019 Outdoor Retailer of the Year by the Outdoor Retailer Association. Following this success, brands and retailers became interested in working with Arrive to utilize their technology and operations to serve their customers. This interest led the company to launch The Arrive Platform allowing brands and retailers of all types to launch their own circular experience.

Over the next decade, the circular economy is expected to grow to $4.7 trillion, quickly making it the next major channel in retail. With the trend ever-increasing, brands and retailers are finding that launching a scalable resale and rental channel is essential to remain relevant, competitive and innovative.

About Arrive:
Arrive is a full-service technology and reverse logistics company enabling the world’s most innovative brands and retailers to launch rental and resale at scale — ultimately reaching more consumers, driving additional revenue, and advancing a sustainable model. To learn more about Arrive, visit


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